River Edge Education Foundation (REEF)

It was in February of 1998 that the River Edge Education Foundation (REEF) was formed in order to mobilize our community on behalf of our Public Schools.  The volunteers who organized REEF did so in the belief that the current political and economic environment could deny the enhancements necessary to ensure continued excellence and continued improvement of our Public Schools.

What is the River Edge Education Foundation (REEF)?

We are an independent non-profit IRC 501(c)(3) volunteer organization comprised of River Edge residents, committed to enhancing the education experience of students in our elementary schools (New Bridge Center, Roosevelt and Cherry Hill).

We provide a mechanism through which money, grants, bequests and gifts can be collected and channeled to programs and projects that are not part of the annual school budget, but are essential in further enriching our children’s education.

The Foundation goes beyond the scope of traditional fundraising and seeks funds through non-traditional sources such as:

  • Recurring donations from businesses and institutions
  • Corporate match programs
  • Gifts and bequests through wills
  • Donations via cash, check or PayPal at www.reefnj.org
  • The creation of the River Edge-Opoly game
  • Customized paving bricks
  • Social fundraisers

Funds raised will support areas such as:

  • Technology
  • Educational grants submitted by teachers and staff from all 3 schools.

Why we need REEF?

In order to maintain and enhance the quality of our education it is essential to fund programs and technology that will boost creativity, keep our children intellectually challenged, promote and strengthen social consciousness and uphold a cutting edge environment. This will:

  • Help generate a competitive student body that is well-rounded and equipped for successful entry into the Middle and High Schools and beyond.
  • Maintain a community with a reputation for having an excellent school system and thus positively impact our real estate values.

When and Where REEF meets?

We are always looking for new volunteers to help assist in our efforts. Meetings are held in the New Bridge Center Project Room every 2nd Monday of each month.